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Solving the AWS Roles Mystery

In the AWS environment, permissions to access your organization’s resources are tied to your identity. This makes your identity incredibly valuable, your keys to the kingdom as it were.

25/04/2021 • Michael Sheinkman

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6 Top Emerging IAM Security Risks

As security breaches become a bigger reality, it is crucial that cloud protectors consider the importance of safeguarding their information and strengthening their Identity and Access Management, all while recognizing the top security risks that have risen to the surface

01/02/2021 • Sandra Marcushamer

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The Emergence of Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM)

By automating authorization management, Authomize is not only able to offer a unique CIEM solution, but it also helps organizations achieve holistic security posture where IaaS security…

12/01/2021 • Gabriel Oliveira

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Lessons Learned for the Next SolarWinds Attack

Nothing is ever truly unhackable. Saying otherwise is asking for trouble. The question is when a breach occurs, how do we plan for our systems to fail gracefully increase our…

30/12/2020 • Gal Diskin and Or Farkash

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