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Too Much of a Good Thing — Too much flexibility in permission management is putting IAM security at risk

As cloud services like Salesforce, AWS, and others have grown more robust over time, they have added more options for how IAM security teams can manage their organizations’ access…

01/09/2021 • Gabriel Avner

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Identity-First Security is the New Perimeter

Identity is at the center of how we approach protecting our cloud assets, making it essential to confirm that each identity…

12/08/2021 • Gabriel Avner

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Saudi Aramco Ransom Highlights Risk to Crown Jewels from Third-Party Shares

Reports that a terabyte of data belonging to Saudi Aramco had been stolen began streaming out earlier this month, marking yet another high-profile incident for Saudi Arabia’s national oil company.

27/07/2021 • Gabriel Avner

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Mitigating the Impact from the Kaseya Supply Chain Ransomware Attack

This year’s 4th of July weekend has been anything but relaxing for IT and Security teams. Forget about flipping burgers and think more about turning off servers –– definitely less fun and far from as tasty.

07/07/2021 • Gabriel Avner and Gal Diskin

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