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Letter from Authomize’s CEO on Acquisition by Delinea

11/02/2024 • Dotan Bar Noy

Good news everyone, Authomize has been acquired by Delinea.  

After four years of building Authomize, we are thrilled to say that we’ve found the right partner to help us in the next stage of growing our platform and reach. And of course, exponentially expanding our ability to better serve our customers.  

I will have plenty to say about the potential this acquisition offers us and our continued impact on identity security in the coming years in future posts. But for now, I wanted to share here first a couple of thoughts about what this means for the Authomize team, our product, and the market at large. 

Why Delinea + Authomize are Stronger Together 

It’s become almost cliche at this point, but the way that we work has fundamentally changed.  

While the death of on-prem has been greatly exaggerated, especially for many larger organizations, a significant portion of our work is moving to the cloud.  

Multi-cloud infrastructure like AWS, Azure, and GCP have allowed organizations to scale their operations extensively, infusing new flexibility and compute power that would have been unfeasible in the previous on-prem era. Similar changes have raised the profile of SaaS, PaaS, and the like, making the cloud an integral part of our work environment. 

These changes have happened faster than security and identity services have been able to keep up with. This lag creates a serious gap in how we ensure that identities and their associated access privileges are used securely and appropriately. 

In joining with Delinea, Authomize extends customers’ protection from the on-prem to the cloud, filling in the missing component between identity/access and the cloud to give customers the actionable insights they need to improve their detection and posture security protections. 

Integrating Authomize’s Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) and Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) capabilities into Delinea’s industry leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution a level of visibility and control over identity and access in the cloud that is unmatched in the security market.  

While we have seen some of Delinea’s competitors attempt to build CIEM features in-house, Delinea has leapfrogged ahead with our proven solution and experienced team.  

Our hope is that by bringing us onboard, we can take Delinea one step further towards the goal of providing a true, unified Identity Platform that provides customers with the full, end-to-end identity security solution across all the environments they work in. 

What is Next? 

These are still early days as we move forward on our integration with the Delinea team.  

But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for a few predictions and thoughts on where things are heading. 

For the Identity Security Market 

We’ve seen a steady stream of acquisitions over the past year as many of the leading players in identity and security have picked up ITDR and CIEM startups. Spera has gone to Okta, Oort to Cisco, Ermetic to Tenable, and so on.  

This trend tells us a few things.  

First, we see that organizations understand there’s a gap between their current ability to secure identities and access and where their actual risk/threat level is. They know that their identity management solutions like Okta, Ping Identity and Microsoft will not be the ones to provide security on their own.  

Adding to the pressure, attacks like those on MGM, SolarWinds, Microsoft, and the continuation of similar high-profile events keep raising the need. And the major security vendors are responding to the market need by buying the requisite capabilities to serve their customers.  

This is leading to what was always likely to be an inevitable consolidation of services. It makes sense that the major vendors look to move from offering solutions to being comprehensive platforms that can solve big challenges.  

For the Product and Technology  

The next few months will see us focusing on integrating Authomize into Delinea’s platform.  

This means making sure that we are able to bring the same level of detection and response capabilities through Delinea like we have been doing for our current customers. At the same time, we are going to get to work on extending Delinea’s unified identity security platform vision with our CIEM and ITDR components for the cloud, adding to their already strong on-prem solutions. 

Our hope is that we can empower Delinea’s enterprise customers to make better, more secure, and productive use of their IaaS and SaaS investments.   

We will enable our customers to do so by giving them the tools to: 

  • Secure identity infrastructure end-to-end 
  • Enable rapid and effective response to reduce risk  
  • Increase visibility of privilege across multi-cloud environments 
  • Accelerate compliance audits with machine learning 
  • Understand all identities including non-human  
  • Know all identity sources 
  • Know how users authenticate in each tenant 
  • Monitor Identity and Access posture across the entire cloud to enable prioritizing and reducing risks including: 
    • Weak MFA 
    • Identify and close stale accounts and inactive admins  
    • Detect password spray attacks  
    • Detect abnormal admin activity and changes to configurations  
    • Detect abnormal access sources

For a more expansive detailing of how Delinea customers will benefit from our integrated solution, take a few minutes to read Delinea’s Chief Product Officer Phil Calvin’s blog discussing the acquisition.  

For the Authomize Team 

We are proud to be Delinea’s first step into the Israeli tech ecosystem. In acquiring Authomize, Delinea has picked up the finest talent in the identity security space and we are excited to be the new base for developing new products and solutions. These include veterans of many of Israel’s leading cyber innovation and execution leaders like Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Insight, Rapid 7, SentinelOne, and many more drawn from Israel’s highly skilled cyber unit 8200. 

And now with Delinea’s support, we plan to grow our team exponentially. We are hiring for multiple positions in development, product, and more. 

Cliches aside, Israel is the most heavily concentrated center of innovation and top tier talent in the world. Our Israel office will play a significant role in driving Delinea’s technology forward. In the months ahead, we look forward to seeking out future members of our team that can help us reach our goals.

Thank You to Everyone Who Got Us to this Point 

As founders we love to talk about all of the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into building a startup. And it’s all true, but we know that we have a lot of people who got us to this point. 

First and foremost, we want to thank our team. Your dedication and creativity helped to not only make our product a leader in its class, but Authomize a good and pleasant place to call home. We thank those of you who are with us today as well as those who have already moved on to other opportunities and played key roles in pushing us forward. 

We would never have made it this far without our amazing customers. Your belief in our vision, feedback in helping us improve, and of course patience were instrumental. Thank you. 

To our partners, we appreciate your joining us for the ride and all your support. 

Thank you to our investors at Innovation Endeavors, Blumberg Capital, Microsoft M12 venture fund, Entrée Capital, and Tenable. Your support at every stage of our journey has been invaluable. 

Thank you to our advisors for your guidance, helping us to navigate the challenges along the way with a special thanks to René Bonvanie. 

We also received amazing support from the offices of Meitar, NextStage, EY, and others, helping us to build and operate at every step.

And last but not least, thank you to Art Gillilan, Phil Calvin, Rick Hanson, Jason Mitchell, Reza Soltani, Jon Kuhn, Suzanne Tom, Jill Fairchild, Mark Drury, and many more across the whole Delinea team for seeing the value that we have built and deciding to join us in seeing our vision through. We look forward to working with you all and writing the next chapter. 

So now that we’ve popped the bubbly and had a moment to breath, team Authomize is now a part of Delinea and is ready to get back to work. Stay tuned because the best days are still ahead. 

Lastly thanks to my friends and co-founders Gal Diskin and Ron Liberman for the support, long nights, celebrating the highs and learning from the lows. I’m grateful for your partnership, drive, and for being such fantastic humans. I can’t imagine having done this without you. 

Here’s to the next step. 

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