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Authorization Chaos,

Authomize was founded by a group of seasoned and visionary entrepreneurs who identified the challenges IT and Security teams face in managing and securing authorizations in today’s complex environment. Authomize goal is to allow organizations to manage and secure today’s complex environment without compromising on productivity or security.

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Dotan Bar-noy
Dotan Bar Noy
Co-founder & CEO
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Dotan Bar Noy is Authomize's Co-Founder & CEO. Prior to co-founding Authomize, Dotan was the head of product management for the “Infinity Next” platform at Check Point Software, following the successful acquisition of ForceNock Security, where he served as Co-founder & CEO. He also founded and served as CEO at ReSec Tech.

Gal Diskin
Co-founder & CTO
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Authomize’s Co-founder & CTO Gal Diskin is a cyber-security and AI technology expert. In the past, Gal was VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and the Israeli site manager, technical lead, and co-founder of the Intel SW security organization, CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent (which he co-founded) which were acquired as well as CTO of First Group.

Ron Liberman
Co-founder & VP R&D
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Co-founder & VP of R&D Ron Liberman brings unique technological and management experience to the Authomize team. Ron served as a Head of Cyber Security R&D Section in the Israel Defense Force's elite 8200 cyber unit. Ron is a graduate of the "Talpiot" prodigy program and received the IDF’s Chief of Staff Excellence Award.

Daphni Eissing
Head Of Customer Success
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Daphni is Authomize's Head of Customer Success. Prior to Authomize Daphni built and led customer success teams at BigID and SailPoint (NYSE: SAIL). Daphni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology from Texas State University. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, riding her Peloton, running, traveling to new places and watching sports.

Ariel Cohen
Chief Business Officer
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Ariel led the technology partnerships team at Palo Alto Networks for 7 years, focusing on strategic collaborations with Cloud Service Providers and ISVs. He joined the company through the acquisition of Cyvera, following 16 years in cyber-related management roles with Israeli military intelligence 8200 and the government. Ariel holds law degrees from Tel Aviv University and Northwestern University.

Adi Chemoul
Adi Chemoul
VP Marketing
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Adi is Authomize's head of marketing, he has extensive experience in building a company's public image and online presence. Previously, Adi led marketing for SilverFort and SentinelOne


Declan Morris photo badge
Declan Morris

Declan holds 20+ years of corporate leadership experience leading all aspects of IT and digital transformations across multiple sectors including financial, consumer, digital media, and enterprise software. Declan was Splunk CIO and VP of cloud operations at Adobe.

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Mark Settle

Mark Settle is a seven-time CIO with broad business experience in the information services, enterprise software, consumer products, high-tech distribution, financial services and oil and gas industries. Mark served as the CIO of Okta, BMC to name a few.

Gai Hanochi photo badge
Gai Hanochi

Gai is a global leader in IT management, specializing in Corporate IT, MIS, and cloud cybersecurity strategies. He excels at translating business requirements into technological solutions. Currently, Gai is the VP of Business Technologies at Fiverr. He has previously served as the company's global Head of IT and advises several security firms.

Paul Trulove photo badge
Paul Trulove

With over 20 years of product management, product marketing, and strategy, Paul brings Authomize his experience in bringing new IAM products to market. He is the CEO of IAM security solutions provider SecureAuth.

Daniel Bernard photo badge
Daniel Bernard

A leading business and marketing leader, Daniel currently serves as Chief Business Officer at CrowdStrike. With a strong background in finance, partnerships, and marketing, Daniel joins Authomize’s board of advisors to help drive our business development efforts forward.

Shailesh Rao photo badge
Shailesh Rao

Shailesh Rao is the President, Global Go-To-Market for Cloud and AI security at Palo Alto Networks, with global business responsibility for the company’s Prisma Cloud (including all areas of Cloud Security including Cloud Workload Protection, Container Security, Identity and Access Management and Micro-segmentation security

René Bonvanie photo badge
René Bonvanie

René is a 35-year technology-industry operating executive, he has had a front-row seat for most of tech’s major transition points, working in senior executive roles at Silicon Valley companies including Ingres, Oracle, Business Objects, SAP, Salesforce and he is CMO Emeritus of Palo Alto Networks. René is currently advising startups & VCs.


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