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Automating Identity Security Across Complex Enterprise Cloud Environments

Automating Identity Security

Join Ping Identity’s SVP Product and Technology Loren Russon and Authomize’s CTO and Co-founder Gal Diskin, for an informative session on how Ping customers can secure their identities and access to assets, extending their security from Ping to all their cloud identity services, multi-cloud CSPs, and applications.

This session will be of particular value for security leaders planning their identity transition to PingOne.  

New American Funding’s Senior Manager of Identity Services William Harper will share his experience on how NAF implemented continuous security monitoring and automated response workflows for their PingOne environments.  

Participants will learn:   

  • How to approach identity risk challenges in complex environments, using examples from M&A ops  
  • How Authomize’s Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) platform combined with Ping Identity helps centralize their identity infrastructure protection operations  
  • How to leverage built-in automation engines with Authomize and PingOne DaVinci for automated response and remediation ops

Gal Diskin

Co-founder & CTO | Authomize

Authomize’s Co-founder & CTO Gal Diskin is a cyber-security and AI technology expert. In the past Gal was VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and the Israeli site manager, technical lead and co-founder of the Intel SW security organization, CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent (which he co-founded) both of which were acquired as well as CTO of First Group. Gal was also involved in the creation of Secure Enclave (SGX) technology and led the security of it.

Loren Russon

SVP of Product & Technology at Ping Identity

William Harper

Senior Manager of Identity Services at New American Funding

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