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Identify and Understand All Access Relationships Across Every Environment and App.

Authomize continuously detects all effective relationships between both human and machine identities to company assets throughout all your organization’s environments (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Data, On-prem), down to the most granular company asset and normalized consistently across apps. Authomize offers a continuously updated inventory of your identities, assets and access policies, blocking unintended access with guardrails and alerting on anomalies and various risks.

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Intelligent & Accurate

Dynamic AI-driven Permission Modeling Engine

Authomize’s AI-driven engine harnesses its comprehensive and granular visibility over all of an organization’s environments to construct an optimal set of access policies for any identity-asset relationship. This SmartGroup technology performs continuous access modeling, self-correcting as it incorporates new inputs such as actual usage, activities and decisions you take to create an optimal and accurate permission structure. All without disrupting legitimate access for users and providing human readable explanations for its recommendations.

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Provision & Remediate

One Click Provisioning and Remediation Across All Platforms

Provisioning access to identities across your organization’s platforms is resource intensive, and difficult for IT and Security teams to manage at the current scale. Authomize provides one click provisioning and remediation, reducing risk and improving operational efficiency. Automate enforcement of policies with event-based triggers, securing your organization with faster remediation responses.

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Connect seamlessly with the apps you use everyday

Our open API connector natively integrates with identity providers (SSO) and a broad range of connectors for both on-premises and SaaS applications. Integrate in few clicks, no coding required.

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Solving the AWS Roles Mystery

In the AWS environment, permissions to access your organization’s resources are tied to your identity. This makes your identity incredibly valuable, your keys to the kingdom as it were.

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The CISO Role in The Upcoming Decade

The evolving security landscape has rapidly elevated the role of the CISO within organizations across all verticals. Join Authomize’s Co-founder and CTO Gal Diskin...

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Authomize Secures $16M in Series A Funding Led by Innovation Endeavors

The company’s latest funding round supports Authomize’s rapid growth in addressing the need for a centralized identity and security management solution.

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"The visibility we now have is unprecedented...

Authomize gives us the ability to properly monitor and provision access rights to our cross-cloud applications. The visibility we now have is unprecedented and teams can now identify the root cause of access and user behavioral issues much faster than they could before we had this amazing tool.”
Gai Hanochi
Head of IT and Security | Fiverr

"Authomize was a game-changer for us...

Authomize was a game-changer for us. Having an authorization platform that easily integrates with our apps both in the cloud and on-premise, and also automates employee identity lifecycle management greatly increased our staff productivity as well as the IT team’s productivity."
CIO | Global 1000 Company

Authomize is solving the next problem - managing the...

Okta has clearly solved the user authentication problem that enables enterprises to easily access cloud applications. Authomize is solving the next problem - managing the authorization privileges of end users after they've been granted application access."
Mark Settle, Former CIO

Authomize allows us to dramatically reduce the attack surface...

“We now have deep visibility into the cloud infrastructure that allows us to dramatically reduce the attack surface. The platform’s automated alerting enables us remediate excessive entitlements faster with actionable recommendations.”
Eyal Marmareli
Chief Technology Officer | Online Trading Academy
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