Authomize Platform

Authomize intelligently automates your identity processes and delivers deep visibility within a single and unified holistic platform. Our innovative AI-based engine continually monitors and generates prescriptive security and operational recommendations.

Automate lifecycle management

Intelligent automation

Automate the full scope of authorization lifecycle management including Joiner-Mover-Leaver (JML) flows, permission request and removal (certification) as well as role engineering and maintenance and delight your employees with immediate, seamless access to the applications and data they need. Authomize enables IT teams to automate authorization policies or get intelligent recommendations to ensure optimal productivity with uncompromising security.

Gain total visibility

Granular visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into all your resources and applications, whether they’re in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Now you can govern, manage, and secure all users, service accounts, and privileged accounts down to a singular permission and resource, with minimal effort.

Get prescriptive and actionable recommendations

Prescriptive analytics engine

Our unique SmartGroup prescriptive analytics engine provides intelligent recommendations to help you achieve optimal results, or you can fully automate the process for effortless, flawless results every time. Whichever method you choose, you’ll get permission sprawl under control, bringing clarity to the authorization management process, while reducing authorization policies by ~%80, without compromising on security.

Institute strong compliance practices

Audit & compliance

Authomize enables organizations to continuously enforce and meet compliance requirements through an AI-driven access and permissions discovery. Our platform enables teams to use our out-of the box compliance templates, automate (re)certification campaigns, get alerts on violations and generate audit and compliance reports easily.

Continuous enforcement and policy monitoring

Monitoring & enforcement

Establish guardrails around any SaaS resource and identity based on entitlements and actual usage of the entitlements. Authomize enables control across multiple SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications at once, allowing teams to avoid duplication of work and gain confidence that their policies are maintained across all the organization’s applications

How it Works?

Authomize's proprietary SmartGroups prescriptive analytics engine learns the network structure between resources, identities, entitlements and their usage to deliver data-backed intelligent recommendations and free you from permission sprawl

Simple deployment

Fast to deploy and easy to configure

Accelerated time to value

See results in hours, not in months or years

Scale with ease

Seamless integration with your existing applications

Secure & protected

Your data is important to us

We value our customer’s security and confidentiality, above all else. We are building our services with security in mind from the ground up; securing our internal processes, architecture, and implementation.


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