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Detect & Mitigate Identity-based Threats

Authomize empowers organizations to enact identity-first security by detecting, investigating, and eliminating identity and access risks. Our customers use the platform to detect and stop account takeover attacks, prevent privilege escalations, gain unified identity visibility, and ensure continuous compliance.

Gain Unmatched Identity Visibility

Seamlessly connect to all your cloud services and applications, and identity providers for comprehensive, granular visibility of identities, access privileges, assets, activities, and identity-based risks and threats. 

Authomize allows you to:  

  • Explore effective access paths across your entire identity infrastructure (Access Explorer) 
  • Granular query capabilities and drill down into all the attributes, activities, and risks of each identity  
  • Investigate and prioritize incidents faster with rich identity context and risk scoring

Detect and Stop Account Takeover

Continuously monitor for compromised accounts and misconfigurations and automate response and remediation to protect from identity-based attacks.

Deploy Authomize to:

  • Detect and automatically respond to credential leaks, brute force attacks, and MFA bombing
  • Detect and remediate misconfigurations that allow IdP/SSO exploits and trust manipulations
  • Detect and mitigate anomalies and active threats from external and service accounts

Block Privilege Escalations

Apply, enforce, and monitor security policies to detect and remediate stale access, unused permissions, and privilege escalation paths across cloud services, applications, and IdP/SSO solutions.

Authomize customers use the platform to:

  • Achieve and maintain Least Privilege across cloud services and applications (CIEM)
  • Detect and automatically remediate over-privileges and privilege escalations 
  • Detect and eliminate risky misconfigurations like exposed repositories and assets

Automate Remediation and Response

Authomize doesn’t just create incident overhead. Increase security and efficiency by automating the remediation of access risks and integrating with security operations playbooks for rapid response. 

Select your level of automation:    

  • Trigger automated response playbooks and granular remediation actions built and shared in a community framework (Open ITDR 
  • Automatically disable/revoke stale access and fix over-privileges and misconfigurations   
  • Integrate seamlessly with the leading SIEM, SOAR, and XDR solutions as well as identity and security automation tools (Read more) 

Automate Access Reviews and Audit Preparations

Eliminate rubber stamping and the use of spreadsheets with continuous compliance and automated user access review campaigns. 

Authomize customers cut costs with: 

  • Automated user access review campaigns easy to setup
  • Rapid decision-making for approvers with ML-based contextual insights
  • Continuous monitoring of regulatory requirements with Authomize’s policy engine

How it Works?

Authomize's proprietary SmartGroups prescriptive analytics engine learns the network structure between resources, identities, entitlements and their usage to deliver data-backed intelligent recommendations and free you from permission sprawl

Simple deployment

Fast to deploy and easy to configure

Accelerated time to value

See results in hours, not in months or years

Scale with ease

Seamless integration with your existing applications

Secure & protected

Your Data Is Secure With Us

We value our customer’s security and confidentiality, above all else. We are building our services with security in mind from the ground up; securing our internal processes, architecture, and implementation.

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