Secure. Monitor. Manage. Remediate. Repeat.

Authomize intelligently automates and manages your Authorization Security Lifecycle across all XaaS environments. Our AI-based engine continuously monitors the relationships between identities and assets to mitigate risks and maintain a state of Least Privilege.

Achieve Full Observability

Our out-of-the-box connectors provide one-click integration with all of your cloud services and identity providers. Authomize offers coverage for all cloud environments (SaaS, IaaS, Data).

Our unprecedented observability over both identities and assets allows users to gain a real understanding of: 

  • Who has access to which assets
  • What are the relationships between identities and assets
  • Who are the asset owners or right approvers for permission requests or access reviews
  • How permissions are being used
  • Which assets are shared externally 
  • Which identities are over-privileged and pose a risk

Continuously Ensure Security

Apply and enforce security policies with automated guardrails 

  • Set up policies with an intuitive UI
  • Continuous monitoring enables alerting on risks and violations
  • Enforce policies at every stage of authorization over every asset, down to the most granular level

Remediate Quickly and Confidently

Streamline your remediation efforts with one-click fixes or fully automate where possible, allowing your team to focus on the authorization risks that most require their attention.

  • Data-driven recommendations for more accurate authorization decisions
  • Trigger-based workflows for continuous security policy enforcement
  • One-click remediation for quick fixes

Simplify Authorization Management

Automate Right-Sizing of Permissions Throughout the JML Lifecycle

  • Utilizes data from HR and IdPs to intuitively provision new employees with the right set of permissions
  • Tracks movers to remove irrelevant permissions from their previous role and provide them with the correct ones for their new position
  • Eliminate partial offboarding of leavers, detecting all permissions and assets that they have access to, and simplifying the remediation process

Streamline Access Reviews Campaigns and Auditing

Eliminate rubber stamping and reduce time spent on certifying compliance. 

  • Identify who the right approvers are
  • Track progress for certifications
  • Harness the power of AI to reduce the number of approvals that require human confirmation
  • Create clear reporting that auditors trust

How it Works?

Authomize's proprietary SmartGroups prescriptive analytics engine learns the network structure between resources, identities, entitlements and their usage to deliver data-backed intelligent recommendations and free you from permission sprawl

Simple deployment

Fast to deploy and easy to configure

Accelerated time to value

See results in hours, not in months or years

Scale with ease

Seamless integration with your existing applications

Secure & protected

Your Data Is Secure With Us

We value our customer’s security and confidentiality, above all else. We are building our services with security in mind from the ground up; securing our internal processes, architecture, and implementation.

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