CIEM Buyer's Guide

The Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) Buyer’s Guide

What are the fundamental factors that a buyer needs to consider when acquiring a CIEM solution?

This vendor-neutral guide helps to inform decision makers from CIOs/CISOs to the hands-on practitioners of the criteria they need to assess when acquiring CIEM solutions.

Download this Buyer’s Guide to learn:

  • Core Uses of CIEM Solution
  • CIEM Requirements, Features, and Questions for Vendors
  • What are the standard features that make up the “must haves”

According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report for 2023, stolen credentials were the leading cause of breaches, accounting for a whopping 49% of the cases.

“74% of all breaches include the human element, with people being involved either via Error, Privilege Misuse, Use of stolen credentials or Social Engineering.”

The goal of this vendor-neutral guide is to convey to decision makers from CIO/CISO to the hands-on practitioners the criteria they need to assess and confidently acquire ITDR solutions

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