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Delinea acquires Authomize to strengthen extended Privileged Access Management

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What Our Customers Say

"Authomize gives us the ability to properly monitor and provision access rights to our cross-cloud applications. The visibility we now have is unprecedented and teams can now identify the root cause of access and user behavioral issues much faster than they could before we had this amazing tool.”
Gai Hanochi Head of IT and Security
"I believe Authomize is obsessed with delivering solutions to the problems that their customers face, Okta provides so much capability around provisioning and managing access, while Authomize allows us to holistically review access entitlements and monitor their use; the breadth of its visibility is a perfect complement to Okta."
Mick Leach Head of Security Operations
"It's the only tool that does what it claims to do in a way that takes the guess work out of it. It is built by people that have had to do it themselves, your team and everyone I have worked with are awesome!"
Mario Moreno
Security and Compliance Manager
"I recently had the opportunity to work with Authomize and I must say, the setup process was a breeze. Not only that, but we were able to seamlessly integrate all of our existing third party applications with their platform. One thing I particularly appreciate about Authomize is their willingness to listen to their users. They actively seek out feedback on their software and take it into consideration for future releases."
Steven Coulter Chief Technology Officer
"Authomize provides instant visibility and risk reduction across our entire identity and cloud stack, giving us deeper and broader context on the risks in our environment and allowing us to prioritize addressing the issues that matter. It's one of the best security tools I've seen in a long time."
Pierre Noel
Pierre Noel Group CSO
"The Access Explorer Graph is awesome! I have not seen this kind of granular access and permissions visibility since my first job!"
Yigal Elefant Chief Information Security Officer
"Authomize was easy to integrate and deploy. The centralized visibility it provided for all our critical cloud apps was impressive. We were also able to detect privileged users and right-size permissions in a simple manner. Additionally, the Access Explorer graph was very useful in providing end-to-end access path visibility and helping us understand identity risks."
Boris Surets Global CISO
"The team used Authomize to gain deep visibility into our access policies in AWS, GitHub, and Okta, as well as automate and centralize access, saving valuable time and manual efforts."
Paul Curebase
Paul Ellis Head of Information Security

Visualize and Understand Access Pathways Across Cloud Environments

Enhance incident investigation, prioritization and correlation with unmatched visibility of identities, assets, access privileges, and activities from a single pane of glass.

  • Comprehensive, unified visibility across IaaS, SaaS and IAM
  • Granular visibility into every file, VM, and code repository
  • Proprietary rich context and ML-generated insights (SmartGroups)
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Visualize and Understand Access Pathways Across Cloud Environments

Detect and Mitigate Cloud Identity and Access Risks

Achieve Least Privilege and secure the identity lifecycle by continuously monitoring access privileges and usage changes across your entire cloud environment.

  • Identify and address stale accounts, over-privileges, and privilege escalation paths
  • Secure access across the development pipeline
  • Extend Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) beyond cloud services to applications and IAM solutions
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Detect and Mitigate Cloud Identity and Access Risks

Secure Your Identity Infrastructure End-to-End

Protect your organization from identity-based threats such as account takeovers, insider threats, privilege escalation, and lateral movement.

  • Detect malicious activity including user impersonation and password theft
  • Detect misconfigurations of IAM solutions including IdP, SSO, PAM, and IGA
  • Respond rapidly and effectively and integrate into existing security operations
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Secure Your Identity Infrastructure End-to-End

Save Time and Effort by Automating Access Reviews and Compliance Controls

Reduce security exposure and accelerate audit preparations by streamlining and automating User Access Reviews (UAR) across your cloud environment

  • Save hundreds of hours spent by reviewers and GRC teams
  • Achieve continuous compliance with standards and regulations
  • Leverage ML-generated recommendations to tighten security
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Save Time and Effort by Automating Access Reviews and Compliance Controls

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