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The CISO’s Role in The Upcoming Decade

The evolving security landscape has rapidly elevated the role of the CISO within organizations across all verticals. Watch Authomize’s Co-founder and CTO Gal Diskin, Twitter CISO Rinki Sethi and Johnny Deutsch CISO at Rivian on challenges and changes from the past year, as well as their outlook for the year ahead.

This discussion covers:

  • Three key events or paradigm shifts from last year that will shape enterprise security in the next decade
  • How do CISO and security leaders need to evolve to keep up with the new working model?
    • Is the investment in network security going to fall?
    • Identity security is on the rise and predicted to be a major topic in the next decade, how do you see it?
    • What do you see the role of endpoint security in this decade?
    • What other enterprise security areas of focus are going to rise or fall in this decade?
  • Tips for CISOs on what to focus and prioritize in their security strategy

Rinki Sethi

VP & CISO at Twitter

Rinki serves as VP and CISO at Twitter. She was previously the CISO at Rubrik. Before that, she was VP – Information Security at IBM. Prior to IBM, she built and matured technical security teams at several Fortune 500 companies including Palo Alto Networks, Intuit, eBay,, and Pacific Gas & Electric.

Johnny Deutsch

CISO at Rivian

Johnny Deutsch is the Chief Information Security Officer at Rivian. Before joining in 2020, Johnny was a Senior Manager at EY, responsible for EY’s advanced security centers’ red team, and served as CISO at Church & Dwight Co, Herc rentals, and was deputy chief information officer at the Israeli ministry of defense.

Gal Diskin

Co-founder & CTO | Authomize

Authomize’s Co-founder & CTO Gal Diskin is a cyber-security and AI technology expert. In the past Gal was VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and the Israeli site manager, technical lead and co-founder of the Intel SW security organization, CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent (which he co-founded) both of which were acquired as well as CTO of First Group. Gal was also involved in the creation of Secure Enclave (SGX) technology and led the security of it.

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