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Guide to Achieving CSA STAR Certification and Applying the CSA CCM with Authomize

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This guide has specific instructions on how to use Authomize with the CCM in the evaluation process for gaining STAR Level 1 certification.

Customers can also use Authomize for STAR Level 2, preparing for the audit and presenting their enabled controls and steps taken to auditors.

There is a section in this document for each of the controls with instructions on how to cover, enable, apply or use the relevant features from Authomize for complying with them.

We cover:

  • IAM — Identity and Access Management
  • DSP — Data Security and Privacy
  • TVM — Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • LOG — Logging and Monitoring
  • HRS — Human Resources
  • A&A — Audit & Assurance
  • Explanations for how to present proof of the steps that you have taken to auditors and how it meets their requirements for certification of compliance.
  • Steps that you can take right now to kickstart your CCM compliance efforts.

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