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From Pass-the-Hash to Privilege Escalation - Understanding ITDR


Identity threats that utilize compromised credentials for malicious access, privilege escalation, and lateral movement are on the rise. Organizations with hybrid environments realize that their traditional endpoint, network, and cloud security stack falls short in confronting the evolving threat landscape in which adversaries move freely between the on-prem and the cloud resources.

Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) is the new security category that has emerged to close this critical gap.

Join Authomize’s CTO and Co-founder Gal Diskin and Silverfort’s CTO and Co-founder Yaron Kassner on Tuesday, February 21st at 12:00 pm EST, to learn:

  1. What is ITDR and how it succeeds to block identity threats where other products fail
  2. Why ITDR should be applied across both the authentication and authorization layers
  3. Analysis of high-profile attacks from an ITDR perspective

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Gal Diskin

Co-founder & CTO | Authomize

Authomize’s Co-founder & CTO Gal Diskin is a cyber-security and AI technology expert. In the past Gal was VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and the Israeli site manager, technical lead and co-founder of the Intel SW security organization, CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent (which he co-founded) both of which were acquired as well as CTO of First Group. Gal was also involved in the creation of Secure Enclave (SGX) technology and led the security of it.


Yaron Kassner

Co-founder & CTO

Silverfort’s CTO and Co-Founder Yaron Kassner is a cybersecurity and big data technology expert. Before co-founding Silverfort, Yaron served as a big data expert consultant for Cisco. He also developed new capabilities involving big data analytics and machine learning algorithms at Microsoft. Prior to that Yaron served at the 8200 elite cyber unit of the Israel Defense Forces, where he led a reputable R&D team, raised to the rank of Captain, and received a prestigious excellence award.

On-Demand Webinar