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Authorization in Office 365 - Part 1: A primer on authorization in Office 365 with a case study on SharePoint & OneDrive

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Are you managing your access and permissions in Office 365 and Sharepoint securely? Could your permissions and authorizations be structured more efficiently?

Hear from Gal Diskin, co-founder and CTO at Authomize and Microsoft’s Sesha Mani Head of Product – Security & Compliance, on how organizations can optimize their use of Office 365’s authorization tools.

This webinar will cover:

  • Best practices for how to structure permissions and authorizations in O365
  • A brief case study on how to maximize your use of SharePoint and OneDrive
  • How to avoid common mistakes​

About our speakers:

Gal Dsikin

Co-founder & CTO | Authomize

Gal is a cyber-security and AI technology expert. In the past, Gal served as VP of Engineering at Palo Alto Networks and was the Israeli site manager, technical lead, and co-founder of the Intel SW security organization. He was the CTO of Cyvera and HeXponent, both of which were acquired as well as CTO of First Group. Gal has also been involved in the creation of Secure Enclave (SGX) technology and led its security.

Sesha Mani

Head of Product - Security & Compliance | Microsoft

Sesha is a seasoned thought leader in building cloud scale SaaS/PaaS solutions. An experienced business and engineering leader, he has a proven track record in providing cloud solutions to Fortune 500 companies. He has been with Microsoft for over 12 years. He currently leads the Security, Privacy, and Compliance product for Microsoft 365 SharePoint & OneDrive cloud services.

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