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5 Steps to Securing Identity and Access in the Cloud

Moving to the cloud gives your organization the speed and flexibility it needs to succeed. But securing access to your environments requires a different approach. Our guide breaks down how to secure access privileges in the cloud with actionable steps that will keep your organization secure and compliant.

Download the guide to read about:

    • Achieving Visibility
    • Achieving a Secure Baseline of Access Priviliges
    • Secure Changes Throughout the JML Lifecycle
    • Reduce Exposure and Fix Misconfigurations
    • Continuously Monitor Drift and Compliance Issues

In the cloud, our identities are the keys to accessing our apps, assets, and resources. We use identities to prove that we are the ones who should have access to the resources, and just as importantly, what we can do with that access. Too much access in the wrong hands can allow a malicious actor, internal or external, to reach your crown jewel assets and cause significant damage to your organization.
Even as cloud providers like AWS, Salesforce, GitHub, and many more have taken responsibility for elements of the security and compliance workload, organizations are still tasked with securing the privileges governing what their users can do inside of the apps.
This short guide breaks down the steps that you as an organization need to take to securing your access privileges across your cloud environments.

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