Case Studies

US Financial Institution Case Study

This case study details the challenges faced by a global financial institution…

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Solution Briefs

The Path Towards Your Least Privilege Environment

A rethink of the practices and tools for removing excessive permissions, are you really right-sizing permissions?

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Authomize Product Overview

This brief explains how Authomize enables organizations to automatically manage…

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Identiverse 2021: Service Accounts & App Identities – A Double-Edged Sword

Did you know that 30% of service accounts have admin privileges? Watch our presentation at Identiverse 2021 for tips to secure your service accounts.

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Introduction to Authomize Platform

Authomize is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that helps organizations manage…

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Mitigating Okta PassBleed Security Risks

Watch Auhomize’s CTO and Co-founder Gal Diskin on July 28th at 11 PDT for a discussion on the recently discovered security risks in Okta

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The CISO Role in The Upcoming Decade

The evolving security landscape has rapidly elevated the role of the CISO within organizations across all verticals. Join Authomize’s Co-founder and CTO Gal Diskin…

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Authorization in Office 365 – Part 1: A primer on authorization in Office 365 with a case study on SharePoint & OneDrive

Microsoft’s Head of Product Sesha Mani joins our CTO & co-founder Gal Diskin on October 6th to discuss how to best manage permissions…

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Establish a New Security Perimeter in a post-COVID-19 era

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the complexity and chaos associated with managing and securing employee access and permissions…

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White Papers

Transitioning from IT to the Cloud – A Practical First Time Guide

Our guide breaks down how to secure access privileges in the cloud with actionable steps that will keep your organization secure and compliant…

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Guide to Achieving SOC 2 Compliance Certification with Authomize

This guide provides customers with the guidance and tools to achieve and maintain System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) compliance.

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Guide to Achieving CSA STAR Certification and Applying the CSA CCM with Authomize

This guide has specific instructions on how to use Authomize with the CCM in the evaluation process for gaining STAR Level 1 certification…

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Identity Life Cycle Management Evolved

This White Paper explores the challenges of managing the Identity Lifecycle and offers a way…

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