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End-to-End Identity and Access Security Automation

Ping Identity has partnered with Authomize to enable organizations to achieve automated identity security across all their cloud apps and services.

The combined capabilities of both platforms offer end-to-end identity and access security, ensuring unparalleled continuous protection from authentication through authorization with enhanced visibility, threat detection, and automated responses to ensure secure and compliant operations.

Integrating Authomize with Ping Identity is now a streamlined process using our native connector, allowing for faster implementation in just minutes.

Ping customers interested in extending their current offering with Authomize can request a Demo from Authomize or contact their Ping representative for more information on purchasing Authomize.

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Ping Identity

Ping Identity provides a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) platform with flexible deployment options for centralized adaptive multi-factor authentication, single sign-on (SSO), and access management for workforce, customer, and partner identities.

Authomize: The Identity Threat Detection and Response Platform

Authomize continuously monitors your identities, access privileges, assets, and activities to secure all your apps and cloud services. We enable organizations to prevent and mitigate corporate account takeovers and privilege escalation with unprecedented visibility and granular control across all apps and cloud services.

Offering a one-click SaaS deployment for the fastest time to value, our proprietary SmartGroups Machine Learning technology maps effective access paths between the identities and assets, understanding who has specific access privileges, which assets can be accessed by who, and how those access privileges are being used.

This extensive granular visibility provides detailed context down to the file level, enabling actionable alerting on risks, active threats, and automating responses for more efficient security and compliance operations that enhance business continuity and security.

Why Ping & Authomize – Securing Identity and Access Privileges are Better Together

The combination of Authomize’s Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) Platform with PingOne’s authentication authority hub enables customers to ensure effective security access across all their apps and cloud services.

Unparalleled Access Visibility and Risk Mitigation

By combining Ping Identity’s best-of-breed authentication and access management solution with Authomize’s ITDR platform, organizations can achieve fine-grained visibility over effective access and implement risk mitigation controls that they need to ensure secure usage of their cloud services.

Active Threat Detection and Automated Responses

Authomize detects suspicious activity targeting your IAM infrastructure and cloud, collecting critical identity context for faster, more effective remediations. Paired with PingOne’s DaVinci integration, organizations can automate the orchestration of workflow responses to incidents detected by Authomize’s ITDR platform, blocking attacks in real-time, reducing the workload on security teams and speeding up time to resolution and securing identities.

Authomize extends Ping Identity with:

  • Frictionless deployment and speedy implementation in hours for a faster time to value 
  • Automated detection and response to identity-based risks and threats 
  • Enforcement of Least Privilege everywhere 
  • Centralized full-stack Cloud Platform (IaaS, SaaS, Data, IAM) 
  • Streamline Compliance Access Reviews (SOC 2, CSA STAR, SOX) 
  • Continuous monitoring with granular visibility  


  • Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR)
  • IaaS Security / Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) & Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)
  • SaaS Security / SaaS Security Posture Management