Authomize is now available on the AWS Marketplace

AWS customers can now purchase Authomize’s Cloud Identity and Access Security Platform directly through the AWS Marketplace with their AWS Commitment spend.

Authomize Advantages for AWS Customers

  • Authomize is vetted with AWS, shortening purchasing cycles and saving costs
  • Applicable for AWS Commitment spending
  • Integrations for AWS SSO

Meet Authomize: The Cloud Identity and Access Security Platform

The first Cloud Identity and Access Security Platform, Authomize continuously monitors identities, access privileges, assets, and activities to secure apps and cloud services. Our full-stack yet granular visibility across IaaS and SaaS environments enables organizations to understand how their access privileges are being used and ensure effective control over the security of their assets.

Authomize is now available for deployment on AWS, making it even easier to secure everything you use and build in the cloud.

Key Platform Capabilities

  • One-click integration for rapid, easy deployment and a faster time to value
  • Achieve Least Privilege
  • Track access privilege usage activity across cloud environments

Enable and Continuously Enforce Security Policies for AWS

Minimize AWS IAM policy based on activities and use policies to detect:

  • Local and federated admins and shadow admin
  • Role chaining – complex chains or roles and possible privilege escalation
  • Unused federated access or specific federated roles
  • Privileged machines exposed to the internet
  • Unused IAM policies attached to an identity

Unprecedented Granular Visibility Over Federated Identities Across Every Cloud Environment

Organizations can gain visibility over their federated identities from Okta, Ping, and Azure AD in AWS, a capability that has been previously lacking and leaving a gap in their ability to ensure security in their development pipeline. Authomize extends this visibility through to development-critical SaaS services like GitLab and GitHub with its “Bring Your Own Identity” model that makes it challenging to monitor usage activities across the DevOps lifecycle.

Authomize Enables AWS Users to:

  • Gain better visibility of effective access in AWS, whether access was granted in AWS SSO or an external IdP solution, and across the cloud environment
  • Identify and validate privileged access in AWS, including federated admins and shadow admins
  • Detect and handle unused access of specific assets and roles in AWS with actionable recommendations from Authomize
  • Resolve partial off-boarding across AWS and other IaaS, SaaS and IdP solutions
  • Streamline and automate access reviews to save time and efforts on audit preparations

Start Using Authomize — How to Buy

For more information on how your organization can start securing your cloud environments with Authomize, contact Authomize for a free demo and assessment or speak to your AWS representative.