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Authomize Continues Where Okta Stops

Okta’s Identity Provider (IdP) platform provides customers with federated identity management and authentication tools.

Authomize enables security teams to overcome the visibility and control gaps in Okta’s solutions to fulfill their IAM responsibilities, both before and after the authentication phase, ensuring a secure state of their access privileges.

Authomize Advantages for Okta Customers

  • One-click integration for rapid, easy deployment and a faster time to value
  • Map and understand all identities, assets, access privileges, and user actions across all clouds (IaaS, SaaS, Data)
  • Identify over privilege and shadow admins to achieve Least Privilege
  • Detect federated identities in AWS
  • Centralized Platform Streamlines Compliance Access Reviews (SOC 2, CCM, ISO)
  • Continuous monitoring and enforcement of security and compliance policies
  • Detect unfederated identities (IAM users) and externally exposed assets
  • Automated communication with Line of Business for faster remediations

Authomize: The Cloud Identity and Access Security Platform

Authomize continuously monitors your identities, access privileges, assets, and activities to secure all your apps and cloud services. We enable organizations to mitigate IAM risk with unprecedented visibility and granular control across all apps and cloud services (IaaS, Saas, Data).

Offering a one-click SaaS deployment for the fastest time to value, our proprietary SmartGroups Machine Learning technology maps and understands who has specific access privileges, which assets can be accessed by who, and how those privileges are being used.

This extensive granular visibility provides detailed context down to the file level, enabling actionable alerting on risks, policy violations, and more efficient compliance operations that enhance business continuity and security. 

Visibility and Control Beyond the Identity Provider

By connecting directly with all of the organization’s apps, Authomize provides visibility and control to unfederated and external identities, expanding beyond what an Identity Provider can support.

This capability enables us to detect local IAM users in your AWS or other apps or services, ensuring that security teams will never miss an identity in any of their environments.

Okta + Authomize = Better Together

Authomize extends the value of Okta by enabling customers to securely manage their access privileges on a granular level across all their apps and cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, Data), before and after the authentication phase for continuous security at all stages of the access control plane.

Integrated with Okta’s authentication offerings, Authomizes ensures that every identity has exactly the right-sized level of access privileges to the organization’s apps, services, and data to achieve Least Privilege.

Integrating Okta with Authomize

    Authomize provides a native connector for integrating with Okta, aggregating critical data on:

  • Identities
  • Service accounts
  • Groups
  • Lifecycle states

Start Using Authomize — How to Buy

For more information on how your organization can start securing your cloud environments with Authomize, contact Authomize for a free demo and assessment.