Authomize Referral Program

Have you heard the good word about Authomize but want to test the waters before jumping in? No matter your business, Authomize offers competitive referral incentives that make a great start for a profitable and lasting partnership. Authomize empowers your sales efforts with joint marketing activities for closing more deals, faster.

  • Enabling Your Success

    We support our referral partners with marketing and sales enablement resources that help to move deals.

  • Competitive Referral Fees

    Partnering with Authomize is profitable with our referral compensation program. We ensure our referral partners receive their due fees even in cases where their referrals end up making their purchase through direct channels.

  • Open to Partners of All Types

    Authomize is your partner for growing your business in the IAM security ecosystem. Whether you are a GSI, compliance or technology partner, we are here to add value to your offering and grow our shared businesses together.

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Build with Authomize

Technology partners include software, cloud platform, networking, and security partners.
Technology partners collaborate with Authomize to develop authorization security and identity focused integrations and by creating certified connectors to Authomize connectors platform.