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Save $150,000+ and 3000+ Working Hours per Month with Authomize’s Automated Access Reviews*

08/09/2022 • Gabriel Avner

*Based on actual Authomize customer data 

When you hear the words “Access Review”, what immediately comes to mind? 

For Compliance professionals, the associations will most likely swirl around the energy, time, and budget that go into getting them done — and none of those associations being positive. 

And, while Access Reviews should be performed regularly, in truth, this is often such a massive undertaking that they are only really performed quarterly to meet Compliance standards. 

But, what if there was a way that your Access Reviews could be performed automatically with 24/7 monitoring and automation, saving you hundreds of thousands in budget and hundreds of man-hours? 

We here at Authomize have crunched the numbers from our customers’ Access Reviews campaigns, and we think every Compliance professional should see what we have discovered and how your organization can achieve similar time and budget savings.

Access Reviews are Complicated to Set Up, Manage, and Complete

Access Review campaigns, despite what their names might suggest, are shockingly cumbersome and tricky to create. 

Not only are most Access Reviews difficult to organize, orchestrate, and have clear visibility over, but they are more than likely to become a manual, frustrating ordeal. 

With so many identities (some of which you may not even be aware of until the Access Review process takes place) and all kinds of access pathways, as well as the growing number of distributed systems, resources, and services that have to be protected, you’d better have an easy and clear way to visualize all of that growing web of information. 

Except, that successfully keeping track of all access data is even more unlikely when you factor in the human element. From creating a review campaign to following up, anything and everything can and will happen: 

  • Your reviewers are taking their time
  • Reviewers lack the info they need to make the right decisions
  • They may have even stopped responding to follow-up communication 

In addition to these potential communication issues, there are strict Compliance checklists that you have to adhere to…and all in an incredibly tight timeframe before the next audit rears its head. 

To put a long story short, monitoring, and following up across all of the moving parts can be time, energy, and budget-consuming at best, and an administrative and regulatory nightmare at worst. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Enter: Authomize’s automated Access Review platform

Machine Learning-Powered

Harnessing the power of Machine Learning, Authomize connects all of your systems and applications across all of your cloud environments, and automatically produces perfectly-pulled data via native connectors, generic SCIM connectors, and REST API. 

Reviewers are automatically matched with the access privileges that they need to review, saving significant time that would otherwise get spent on ant work. 

Authomize then takes the next step of providing data-driven recommendations for right-sizing access privileges. These human-readable explanations make it faster and easier to confidently make decisions about your Access Reviews, avoiding rubber stamping and time tracking down answers. 

UAR Campaigns in 3-Minutes Flat

Deployed and configured in just a few hours, Authomize’s centralized platform will make sure you’re ready for your next audit in no time. 

With a median individual User Access Review completion time of just 1.5 minutes, and overall first round completion rate of 80% (according to our customer data), Access Review campaigns don’t have to be drawn out and complicated. 

Each campaign takes around 3 minutes to create with Authomize’s highly intuitive user interface. Luckily, Authomize’s automated nudges, Reviewer default notifications, and reassignment can ensure that any campaign is completed in a timely manner, with rich and accurate reviewer contextual recommendations for quicker, data-driven access decisions. 

Over 3000 Hours (and $150,570 Saved) in Just 30 Days

By automating the more time and energy-consuming aspects of the Access Review process, Authomize can save you time and budget, and likely more than you might have considered possible. 

Here’s a quick video for just how we do that: 


By simply removing the manual elements, Authomize is able to save your team over 3000 hours, or $150,570…in just 30 days. 

Take a look at one of our client’s recent set of campaigns. 

This is a company with 10,000 identities and a full-time team of three Compliance personnel. 

Much like most teams carrying out Access Reviews, the company’s team found themselves wasting a lot of time on manual processes and communication —all the while never being 100% certain that their data was accurate, and that their campaigns were moving at the correct pace. 

As you can see from the above image, their experience running Access Review campaigns with Authomize has completely changed their working process.

Not only was the team able to run several campaigns concurrently and consecutively, but it was able to do so in 30 days flat. And in doing so, the team saved itself an eye-watering 454 hours, and approximately $36,355 in budget. 

Meanwhile, the eight Reviewers participating in the campaigns also benefited from this streamlined approach. They managed to save a combined total of 3011 hours, which we estimated to have saved them at least $150,570 in costs. And all in just 30 days! 

Even though this is impressive in and of itself, drilling down further into the data of how Authomize saved time in regards to detecting and alerting on real, significant Security and Compliance incidents:  

Even though this is impressive in and of itself, drilling down further into the data of how Authomize saved time in regards to continuously detecting and alerting on real, significant Security and Compliance incidents:  

*Data extracted from actual monthly customer reporting

The above screenshot only tells part of the story. While the figure above calculates the amount of time spent detecting the Security and Compliance issues that could have taken place without a more watchful eye, it fails to take into account the amount of time that would potentially be spent in fixing these detected issues. Not to mention fixing their impact and reverberations. And, as any Compliance professional knows, that can be a lot of time indeed.  

Which might make you think: how much time, energy and budget can you save with effortless Access Review automation? 

Your Organization, Upgraded with Authomize 

With Authomize you get much more than just an Access Review: you get an automated product that frees up time, energy and budget alongside the peace of mind knowing that your IAM Compliance and Security are being handled effortlessly, seamlessly and by true experts. 

With one of the shortest TTV (in just a few hours to a few days), a simple and quick deployment across every asset, app and environment, Authomize accelerates your audit preparation by automating the tricky parts: alerting, delegation and completion. 

Contact us today to see the potential savings for your organization. 

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